A Quick Guide To Posting Comic Strips On Social Media

26 August 2021
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Back in the day, it wasn't uncommon to cut out comic strips from newspapers to save, share with others, and showcase on a refrigerator. Computers have caused comic strips to transition to digital formats and changed the way people share content. When you share your favorite comic strips on social media, you should follow some tips to have the most success when posting. Use this quick guide for the next time you want to post comic strips on social media. Read More 

4 Steps To Begin Rotating Your Art Collection Like Museums

25 March 2021
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Have you become leery of buying more artworks because you lack the space for them at home? If so, you should consider using a tactic that museums throughout the world use to both grow and show their vast collections: rotating artwork. Here are four things you'll need to do in order to rotate your own collection at home.  1. Find the Right Storage Art should never be stored just anywhere there's space. Read More 

Implementation Of Design Elements In Southwest Landscape Paintings

9 November 2020
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Landscape watercolor paintings of the Southwest are stunning and dynamic. Perhaps you are looking to purchase such a painting but are unsure what makes a painting good. This article covers the elements of design and how they can best be utilized specifically in paintings of Southwest landscapes. Line A line is a mark between two points, and in art, it can be straight, curved, jagged, or even broken. The horizon is a common line that in paintings of the Southwest is likely to be irregular. Read More 

Are You Currently Learning To Appreciate Art In College? 4 Tips To Get The Most Out Of A Nigerian Art Exhibition

24 January 2020
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Learning to appreciate art is something that can bring you a lifetime of enjoyment and deepen your understanding of how humans experience the world. College is a time when many students begin to explore the world of art, and you may have stumbled upon a few new specific types that you want to explore further. Nigerian art is rooted in deep history that includes a blend of different styles and talent. Read More 

3 Tips For Getting A New Body Piercing

10 December 2018
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Change in life is great, and nothing says change and expression like getting a great body piercing. This can be scary and you might worry about the pain, but it's also an excellent way to decorate your body in a way that you will love. Since it's such a drastic change, you must also figure out the ins and outs of body piercing, in addition to finding a shop that does great work. Read More